Black and White Film Portraits | Taylor

I was recently hit with a blast of inspiration to shoot black and white film. Ever since two and a half years ago when my uncle gave me his old Nikon f100 as a gift, I have been experimenting with analog photography. Every few months or so I would bring out that camera, or the small Holga I bought for lomography, and shoot a roll of film. It was mostly aimless, shooting whatever I saw that interested me, playing with double exposures and just hoping that I was exposing everything correctly. Now, I decided to take a more technical approach – setting up a proper session to shoot black and white portraits using nothing but film!

With no digital reference to see how my exposure turned out, it took me a while before I stopped nervously checking the back of the camera, feeling silly staring at the black plastic back of the camera with each frame. Luckily, I was brought into the moment by the gorgeous light we had in Taylor’s apartment. Taylor is a natural model, and her amazing eyes catch the light so nicely!

I had these developed by the lovely people over at Caribou Film Lab in Toronto, and I am quite pleased with the results! The grain is pretty intense, but I like the way they turned out. I plan on shooting some more rolls soon (once this pesky semester of school is over and I have more time!) and I will definitely be returning to the folks at Caribou – their customer service is amazing, and their scans even better!

If you want to keep up to date on my next rolls of film, be sure to join me on social media – I love meeting new people! Let’s connect – I’m on instagram and facebook!

film-portrait-black-and-white-1 film-portrait-black-and-white-2 film-portrait-black-and-white-4 film-portrait-black-and-white-7 film-portrait-black-and-white-8 film-portrait-black-and-white-9 film-portrait-black-and-white-10