Abby – Edmonton Portrait Photography

You never know how a session will turn out until you actually get to the location and start shooting. With uncooperative weather, and an overall mucky and cold day I was having some doubts about this one. Abby and I have been friends for two years now, and she is such a blast. This was a special day for her too, as she had a phone interview halfway through the day for the libaro position at Capilano University for next year. Of course, she nailed it and got the spot, so hello potential roommate! Abby is a photographer too, with some extremely cool fine art and portraits. Check her out on her website!

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Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-1 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-2 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-3 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-4 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-5 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-6 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-7 Portrait-Abby-Winter-Windswept-8